Loose Ends Redux: Greyfriars Burial Ground-Meadowbank

Good afternoon,

It’s Wednesday so it must be Loose Ends Redux time. We’re getting into the second round of Loose Ends now and these three were all on different days.

Today’s three are:

Greyfriars Burial Ground

John Witherspoon statue

Meadowbank Stadium

Greyfriars Burial Ground: a fairly sparse urban graveyard with a low grey tree in the foreground.

Right into it and Greyfriars Burial Ground is in Perth. I was in Perth for a whole lot of blog business and was walking back towards the Tay when I glanced down a street and saw the old cemetery. It was gorgeous, properly old and leafy. I really enjoyed my walk around Greyfriars and it was a really good surprise. It connected with Perth Bridge because of geography, pure and simple.

John Witherspoon statue: a statue of a man on a plinth. Behind is a white building. The sky is blue with lots of white cloud.

A more obscure connection led me from Greyfriars to the John Witherspoon statue in Paisley. Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh was where the Solemn League and Covenant was signed in 1638 and remains part of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. John Witherspoon was a minister of the Kirk and he preached in Paisley before going off to America to establish Princeton University and sign the US Declaration of Independence. The statue sits outside the University of the West of Scotland on the High Street, just across from Paisley Museum, currently getting revamped. The statue was sculpted by the Queen’s Sculptor in Ordinary in Scotland, Alexander Stoddart, who also sculpted the Adam Smith, David Hume and James Clerk Maxwell statues in Edinburgh.

Meadowbank: looking over a graffiti-adorned wall to the remains of a Brutalist structure to the left and the end of a grandstand on the right.

Getting from John Witherspoon to Meadowbank was especially tricky. Reading the post back, I had forgotten about the statue in between though I ended up using the fact that Witherspoon went to the University of Edinburgh. Meadowbank now looks very different to this. It is in the process of being rebuilt too, with a new sports centre and stadium slowly emerging. When I did this walk, the old, Brutalist stand was getting torn down, with only one section left.

So, that’s another Loose Ends Redux done. Next week will start in the perishingly cold Portobello and finish in a much warmer bookshop. Until then, keep safe. Cheers just now.

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