Saturday Saunter: Efty

Well, hello,

Welcome to another Saturday Saunter, this time being written on a warm and sunny Thursday. The pollen count has been particularly high this week so lots of products have been used to varying effect. Lately, whatever the forecast says, the pollen has still been wreaking havoc. I have been out today, stopping off on the way home to do some blog business for 5 In 5, though being inside is more favourable, since it’s cooler inside and pollen has less of an effect.

I haven’t read that much this week, mainly news and articles online. I did read a Horrible Histories book about Edinburgh the other night but it wasn’t as good as other books in that fine series, with a few very cliched jokes about Scots which tend to grate when you actually live in Scotland. What I did read and enjoy was a book about design on London transport, London By Design, produced by the London Transport Museum and Transport for London. It features photographs of defining design from bus stops to seat moquettes to Tube stations. It’s a coffee table book really and beautiful without being pretentious. Design is for everyone.

Pollok House: looking over a wall to a three-storey country house with lower wings at either side.

Friday teatime now. It was nicer earlier but we had a showery downpour in the last hour. Pollen has been mostly manageable today, which is an undoubted bonus. I’m thinking of going for a walk tomorrow (Saturday), maybe to Pollok Park, which I visited a few weeks ago. Then again I have said I would go for a walk each of the last two weekends and it hasn’t happened so I’m not holding out too much hope. I have been busier with actual things the last few weeks so there is a clearer differentiation between weekdays and weekends than there has been for a while. A walk in the hereabouts would be nice.

I am a member of the two largest historical conservation organisations in Scotland, Historic Scotland and the National Trust for Scotland. The nearest HS property to here is Crookston Castle while the NTS manage Pollok House. I’ve seen both in the last few weeks though both remain closed to the public so getting into them isn’t possible yet. Indeed the NTS has announced that Pollok House will not reopen until 2021 while HS are currently assessing options for how its properties will reopen in an appropriate, socially-distanced way. This will no doubt be a complex process since our historic places are very different. What would be effective at Stirling Castle might not work at Skara Brae, for example. It will be interesting to see how this happens and how it will take effect, indeed also whether these changes will be permanent.

I like to share a Scots word from time to time and the best one that has come to mind is ‘efty’, an east coast word for afternoon, popularised by Bill Barclay when he presented an afternoon show on the radio. I don’t know why that came to mind.

Our weekly reminder to listen to other voices to understand our world better is from The Guardian, an anti-racist reading list written by Layla F Saad.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today, Saturday 20th June 2020. Thanks very much for reading. 5 In 5 returns tomorrow and the very last Loose Ends Redux is on Wednesday careering right across Scotland from the Caledonia Road Church to the V and A in Dundee. Until then, keep safe. Cheers just now.






6 thoughts on “Saturday Saunter: Efty

  1. Alli Templeton

    Good to know you can get out to places like Pollock Park again, Kev, even though the pollen count has been high. It has down here too, but the odd downpour of rain helps. Love the latest Scottish vocab – ‘efty’ is a great word for afternoon. Have a great week.

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  2. I’m kind of torn on Horrible Histories. I loved them when I was younger, and I think they’re great for getting kids interesting in history, but Terry Deary’s self-proclaimed “anarchist” approach to history often means the research isn’t great. Fine if it spurs people on to do their own research, but not ideal if those are the only history books someone ends up reading!
    London by Design, on the other hand, sounds like a treat to look through. I love moquette!

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