5 In 5: Ghost sign

Ghost sign: peeling signs on the side of a tenement building. From the top are adverts for the News of the World, beer and Coca-Cola. Below the Coke advert are the words ‘Thirst knows no reason’. 

I’ve always liked this ghost sign. It feels like a relic from a bygone age, when advertising was more pervasive and the cityscape was more traditional. It advertises a newspaper which is now defunct, a beer that might well have brewed its last pint and Coca-Cola, which is very much still going. The only thing I’ve been able to find out about it online was a Glasgow Times article that it might date from the 1950s and one of the local councillors was trying to get it preserved for future generations. As it is, it’s on the side of a tenement, by a bookies and a bus stop.

I came to it on the way back from Bellahouston Park. A right few people were on the pavement by the shop and post office, a few more stood at the bus stop. I walked on the road past the shops though got a section of pavement socially-distanced enough to get a couple of photos of the ghost sign. I realised I probably had nicer photos of it, sunnier photos rather than in the overcast cloud, but that didn’t matter so much. It was there, a fine example of urban archaeology, albeit high up the side of a building. 0.7 miles from home.

Thanks for reading. This is the second of the 5 In 5 series here on Walking Talking, a few interesting places within five miles of my house. It is inspired by a Historic Environment Scotland social media campaign during June 2020 asking folk about five interesting places within five miles of where they live, due to the coronavirus restrictions which limited movement.

This particular ghost sign has also appeared in my Streets of Glasgow post aboutPaisley Road West.

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