Saturday Saunter: Podcasts, magazines and hayfever

Before I start today, the news is full of the tragic events in West George Street yesterday. It’s hard to make sense of such events wherever they happen, let alone so close to here. Councillor Aitken is right, Anas Sarwar is right: we can do worse than be human and be united.

Without further ado, here’s today’s Saturday Saunter written on Thursday.

Good Saturday to you,

This is being written on Thursday afternoon. It’s properly warm out there today. I of course don’t do well in the heat plus my hayfever has been off the charts so of course I was in Bellahouston Park at lunchtime having a picnic. Thankfully the forecast for Saturday, as this is posted, is for rain and it to be cooler.

Bellahouston Park: looking through gaps in dense trees towards a bright park.

I’ve managed to read a bit this week and listened to a few podcasts. On Saturday afternoon I read a book in its entirety, Jeremy Hardy Speaks Volumes, a book in tribute to comedian Jeremy Hardy who died in 2019 featuring some of his writings and musings. It was excellent. I’ve also read some magazines. I recently re-subscribed to football magazine When Saturday Comes, which has just celebrated its 400th issue. Although WSC has far more English content than Scottish, it is a good read, with thoughtful takes on the game and its history, including in this issue about how players are younger now and about fanzines. I also have the app on my iPad and made the mistake of reading most of the new issue on screen rather than waiting for the paper copy, which was waiting for me when I got in. I also sat the other night and started to read the latest issue of History Scotland, which featured a bit about people investigating their local areas during lockdown. Imagine that. (5 In 5 returns tomorrow, incidentally.)

Podcasts have been mixed, some about football, others not about football. I’ve binged Sandi Toksvig’s We Will Get Past This, a podcast discussing events on this day in history and particularly featuring women who have often been overlooked. Sandi Toksvig has an excellent, reassuring voice which is good in these times. I can’t remember if I mentioned Melissa Harrison’s podcast The Stubborn Light Of Things before. It’s excellent, about nature. It lowers the heart rate.

Incidentally I’m currently watching comedian Jay Foreman doing a live gig on YouTube. He did it a few weeks ago but I like Jay’s style. YouTube has been good for educational stuff lately, including train discussions with Tim Dunn and the oeuvre of the National Library of Scotland.

I read today that the Rosetta Stone is being added to the LGBTQ+ tour of the British Museum. One of the people who studied it extensively in the 19th century was William John Bankes. Have a read at the Guardian article. We now have possible dates, subject to confirmation, about when museums and other cultural institutions can reopen in England and Scotland, and various institutions have talked about their plans to reopen. Caution will undoubtedly be the order of the day.

Our looking at the world in a broader sense article is from the New York Times this week, about when the statues being toppled are of people you are related to. It’s thought-provoking.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today, Saturday 27th June 2020. Thanks for reading. 5 In 5 returns tomorrow and it’s a visit to an airport. Virtual Loose Ends is new on Wednesday and it’s going to be a virtual connected adventure around Scotland. I’ve managed to write all the different parts of it so I’m looking forward to sharing that. In the meantime, keep safe. Cheery.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Saunter: Podcasts, magazines and hayfever

  1. It’s dreadful what happened, and I think Mears Group has a lot to answer for. I don’t have hay fever but I am very sensitive the things like perfume, so if someone wearing a strong scent sits next to me at the theatre! or somewhere similar, it can be a miserable experience. By which I mean to say I can empathise slightly!

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  2. I just can’t get into podcasts – something about listening to other people talking sets my teeth on edge. I haven’t been on a bus in many months (obviously), but when people used to have loud phone conversations, I’d just sit there silently shaking with rage, and unfortunately podcasts do a similar thing to me, but I’m glad you found some you like! I saw that the Tate and National Gallery just announced opening dates in July, which makes me a bit anxious. I’ve still not heard when the museum I work at is reopening, and I REALLY REALLY hope it’s not any time soon.

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    1. You never know. How reopening cultural institutions is happening seems to be different in different places. I don’t think the big museums in Scotland have announced their plans yet. It will probably happen more gradually.

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