5 In 5: Peace sculpture

Peace sculpture: a steel globe sculpture on a grey stone plinth in a park. The sculpture features translations of the word ‘Peace’.

I wasn’t sure what to have for the fifth place in 5 In 5. I had thought about Barshaw Park in Paisley but I hadn’t been able to get there yet. Elder Park has been included here before plus I had only been able to get a picture of the Isabella Elder statue on the way back from the Clyde. Five miles from my house could include Paisley, Renfrew, the other side of the river and even Glasgow city centre but five miles there is also five miles back. On foot. I was in Bellahouston Park once more and decided that for this last instalment of 5 In 5, it would be a sculpture, either the elephant or the peace sculpture. Peace won, despite the incongruity of an elephant in Govan. The elephant was put there in 2015, the work of Kenny Hunter. It’s very fine.

The peace cairn was put there for the 1938 Empire Exhibition, with a more modern globe put there in 2004 (designed by Elizabeth Bennie) with the word ‘Peace’ on it in various languages. What caught my eye was the names of various organisations who attended the exhibition, some very local, from Glasgow and Paisley, others a bit further afield. That many of these groups were women’s groups was interesting. Empire and Glasgow’s place in it is particularly contentious right now. The wish for peace surely is not. This sculpture was put there at a time when the world was uncertain, war imminent. At a time when our world is uncertain, health and happiness threatened, it is our shared humanity that binds us together, as does the community or communities we walk with and in.

Thanks for reading. This is the final instalment of the 5 In 5 series on Walking Talking, five interesting places near my home.

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