Saturday Saunter: Walking in parks

Good Saturday to you,

Welcome to yet another Saturday Saunter, this time being written quite late on Thursday night. I feel awake enough to write this despite a busy day. I’ve got All The Stations Ireland on my telly at the moment as it’s easy watching and fine in the background. I was tempted to find something on Netflix but that would involve extraneous thought.

Unusually I have absolutely loads of stuff in my inbox that could form a post. I even have two items for the usual different perspective slot at the end. The rejected ideas, incidentally, include Idris Elba reading bedtime stories, the Buckfast triangle, the best museum bum and an autistic dating show on Netflix. I mean ‘bum’ as in erse in Scots. Various museums were competing on social media for which of their sculptures and artworks has the most fetching backside. Whatever gets them through the shift.

I’m not sure what I will be doing when this is posted. I might go for a walk. I may even get a haircut, my first since March. Then again I might not.

Last Saturday involved a whole lot of walking in Pollok and Bellahouston Parks. I have been in Bellahouston a few times lately, sometimes walking around the sculptures by the House for an Art Lover. The peace sculpture in the park featured in the 5 In 5 series I did for the blog recently, though there are also cool benches, hands, feet and elephants kicking about. There’s a circle sculpture and between visits, the shopping trolley that had been lodged in it had been removed. It would have been quite an achievement to get it there. There is an Asda nearby but it would involve walking across quite a lot of park first.

See? Photographic evidence. Sculpture, Bellahouston Park: A sculpture of a circle with a shopping trolley poking through the middle. The sculpture is on a lawn by a hedge.

The turn around Pollok Park involved sitting by a pond with lilypads on it, something out of a Monet painting. Earthworks were nearby. The cooncil had put up an interpretation board which depicted a chieftain who looked like Neil Oliver with a moustache. I didn’t realise that until just now when I looked at the photo. Man alive.

I also visited the actual Glasgow city centre last weekend, given a very fine tour of Townhead including a look at the Martyrs’ School, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh who was also born nearby. It was the first time I had been in the city centre since March and it hadn’t changed too much. Wildflower gardens by Strathclyde University were new. The road home along the motorway yielded a great view of the familiar but long unseen city skyline.

Our changing perspective item is about the London Underground. Reni Eddo-Lodge and Emma Watson are working on a public history project to rename all 270 stops on the Tube after women and non-binary people. This was inspired, so says the Guardian, by a project by the mighty Rebecca Solnit and the magnificently named geographer Joshua Jelly-Schapiro in New York. I wonder how that would work in Glasgow on the Subway. I’m sure the fifteen stations could have new names found for them. Isabella Elder Station in Govan? Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh Station instead of Cowcaddens?

I have already included a Scots word today, erse, though in honour of the visit of our illustrious Prime Minister to our shores this week, I could also perhaps include eejit, numpty or lots of other words that could just get more sweary. Perhaps the graffiti from 2016 says it best, he really is a pure fanny.

Anyway, on that lovely note, it’s time to close for another week. That is the Saturday Saunter for today, Saturday 25th July 2020. Thanks for reading. Virtual Loose Ends will be here on Wednesday then we pause for the traditional time off when I’m off. Until then, keep safe. A very good morning. Peace.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Saunter: Walking in parks

  1. I like your choice of Scots words to describe BoJo the clown! I actually just finished Reni Eddo-Lodge’s Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People about Race, which definitely gave me a lot to think about. Her campaign sounds like an interesting idea; though I’m rather doubtful it’ll find much success, maybe the world will surprise me for once!

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