Saturday Saunter: Books, Culross and editing

Good Saturday to you,

Welcome to this Saturday Saunter, this time being written late on Thursday night. It’s been warm and sunny for much of this week, a complete contrast to last week when I was off and it was wet and miserable for quite a bit of it. On in the background tonight is a YouTube compilation of clips from QI, which is pleasant enough to be going on in the background. 

There’s been quite a lot happening since I last wrote one of these posts. Quite a bit in the football too but I’m not in the mood to dwell on that, especially since Hibs have been deposed from the top of the Scottish Premiership. I was in Culross for the day a couple of weeks ago. It was a birthday trip for a wander around that stunning village before a slight detour to Musselburgh for some fine ice cream at Luca’s. More recently, last Thursday, I walked to Pollok Park, a place I’ve been to a few times in the last few months. It was a nice day and naturally the area around Pollok House was mobbed but I managed to find a quiet corner to read my book for a while.

I was reading Alphabetical by Michael Rosen that day, an history of the 26 letters of the alphabet, and I managed to break the back of it sitting on a picnic bench at the front of Pollok House. I’ve managed to read quite a bit the last couple of weeks, including a book about the history of the BBC in Scotland, 84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff and The Library Book, a collection of essays about libraries, naturally enough. The last two were gifts, incidentally, so they jumped the queue over many other books trying to make demands on my time. Near the top is a book I bought last week about the history of Italian football, as well as an anthology of writing about Scottish nature, edited by Kathleen Jamie.

WordPress have changed the editor again so I have no clue how many words I’ve written so far. It’s changed between Sunday and today. On Sunday I was writing up some brand-new Streets of Glasgow walks, which I had done that day in the city centre. They will be here in September, all being well. It was weird to be doing psychogeography after so long, especially in very different circumstances than the last time I did a Streets walk, in the spring of 2019. The big hand sanitiser outside Brewdog was different for a start.

Our change of perspective for today is an intriguing article from the Guardian by Angela Saini about how scientists should know their history and then avoid bias based on ethnicity.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today, Saturday 15th August 2020. Thanks very much for reading. The blog returns on Wednesday with the second last Virtual Loose Ends. I will be right back here next Saturday. Until then, a very good morning.


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