Streets of Glasgow: Rottenrow

It’s always amused me that Glasgow’s maternity hospital used to be on Rottenrow. Bairns, or weans as they are usually known here, are now born mostly at the Queen Elizabeth or the Princess Royal at the Royal Infirmary, but for a long time new life came into the world on Rottenrow, only changing in 2001. I had been in the area a few weeks before, walking for the first time in the city centre in many months, and found myself there again on a sunny August afternoon, ready for another Streets of Glasgow walk. There isn’t much left of the old hospital, largely been converted into a garden, part of the campus of Strathclyde University. A sculpture of a nappy pin stands in the garden, with the edifice of the old hospital shown in a doorway and a pillared entrance. By the pillars was a ghost sign, saying that only ambulances could park there.

Today Rottenrow is being developed again, part of wider redevelopment efforts by Strathclyde University. I liked that the Nourish @ Urban Bean Cafe stood on Rottenrow, a modern name on a street that sounds like something out of Dickens. The psychedelic-coloured hoardings stood out too. I walked through a garden past trees dedicated to former students, including one to someone who was ‘truly a big man’, a great complement in Glasgow. Soon I came up some steps and realised that I had reached the end of Rottenrow, Rottenrow East beginning nearby by a smart, Paoluzzi-esque metal sculpture. A lot had changed in Rottenrow, an university having absorbed an old hospital and even older tenements, and it was interesting to be there to see it change again.

Thanks for reading. This is the seventy third Streets of Glasgow post here on Walking Talking. Nearby streets that have featured here previously include Cathedral Street, High Street, George Street and Montrose Street, which follows next week. Other posts in the series can be found on the Streets of Glasgow page.

10 thoughts on “Streets of Glasgow: Rottenrow

  1. Alli Templeton

    I love the name of this street, Kev. Funnily enough, when I first saw your post I too thought it sounded like something from a Dickens novel. What a wonderful address to have. And it looks anything but rotten.

    Liked by 1 person

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