5 In 5: January

January isn’t usually considered a month for roving. It’s invariably cold, dark and miserable. This year, since we can’t rove anyway, it feels particularly grim. Being able to get exercise outside has been particularly beneficial, probably even more than in the summer as light is more precious this time of year. The last few weeks here have been cold, sometimes snowy, other times rainy.

January 2021 sees most of Scotland under lockdown restrictions. We are limited to our own local authority areas except for essential purposes. In summer 2020, the restrictions were 5 miles, even if that was over a local authority boundary. There's plenty of interesting things in my local authority area - I live in the City of Glasgow, the biggest city in Scotland, and we have plenty of parks and all sorts that can still be explored as part of essential exercise.
Picture from the summer, looking through trees at Bellahouston Park – densely packed trees with gaps looking into a park.

Rather than coming up with a list of five interesting places in my local area, which I was going to do, I’m just going to write a little about some of the best parts of walks this January. They’ve included being able to look out and see snow on the hills. From different places nearby, I can see hills to the north, south and west and there’s been lots of snow to change perspectives nicely. Even without snow, it’s been good to see hills over yonder – a reminder that there is indeed a world beyond and hopefully I can cross those hills before too long. I like a synoptic view and some of my local parks, like Bellahouston, have a rewarding vista over much of southern Glasgow.

I find that keeping in the moment helps. When I can, I like to stop and stand for a minute, in front of a view or just to look around. It’s useful to see a place in all its dimensions or even just to savour being outside, just for a moment, without any other considerations. Walking often clears our heads; stopping to look for a moment helps too, if there’s not a biting wind, that is.

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