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Good evening,

For want of anything else to post tonight, I’ve got a post in the Saturday Saunter discursive vein. Hopefully I’ll have enough left in the tank for Saturday! I’m writing this on Tuesday night though I don’t doubt that when this is posted, I’ll be in much the same position, sat at the dining table on my computer. It’s been a wet, dismal day here in Glasgow today but that has come after a few cracking, cold, sunny days so that’s not too bad.

I’ve read a fair bit this week, more than in a right few weeks. Last week I read the autobiography by Doddie Weir, rugby player and Motor Neuron Disease campaigner. It was excellent, funny and insightful. I’m currently reading The Prime Ministers: Reflections on Leadership from Wilson to Johnson by Steve Richards, profiles of each of the Prime Ministers who have presided since 1964 to the present. It’s decent so far. I’ve read about Harold Wilson and Edward Heath so far though there’s still Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron and May to go so quite a lot. It’s accessible, going beyond a recitation of policies, successes and failures to discuss how they were perceived by their contemporaries and how they are seen by history now. I also started Snapshot by Daniel Gray and Alan McCredie, words and pictures capturing Scottish football at all levels. I’ve skimmed the pictures and now I’m going through the excellent words by Daniel Gray. Braw. The last picture of the book is on Albion Road in Edinburgh, which made me smile even if the team’s last result at Hampden really didn’t.

Looking back through my photos of recent walks, there’s quite a few sunny, shadowy pictures in parks, which is never a bad thing. January is a great month for walking, especially if it’s sunny.

Tynemouth Priory: a ruined church with gravestones in the foreground.​
Tynemouth Priory: a ruined church with gravestones in the foreground.
Tynemouth: a seaside scene in the midst of a winter sunset. Waves roll to the shore; a pier with a lighthouse at the end stretches out to sea. A cliff is to its right.

I was watching Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out the other night. She was in Yorkshire and went to Whitby Abbey, a place I’ve never been. It looked gorgeous, though, all ruined and gothic on a headland. It reminded me of Tynemouth Priory, which I have been to, on the coast near Newcastle. Tynemouth is in a particularly good setting, on a cliff top with a beach. I was last in Tynemouth about a year ago – it’s a good place to park if going into Newcastle since they’re connected by the Metro.

Anyway, those are some musings for this Wednesday. The Saturday Saunter will be back on Saturday. Until then, cheers just now.

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