Saturday Saunter: Glasgow streets, tours and books

Good Saturday to you,

Welcome to another Saturday Saunter, this time being written on Tuesday night with sun still in the sky, just, and Secrets of the Transport Museum on in the background. I’ve just been writing three brand new Streets of Glasgow walks, the first I’ve produced since the end of last year, and they will start appearing beginning a week on Wednesday. The other day I read a story about Michael Shanks, who has taken it upon himself to run each and every one of Glasgow’s 6000 streets, which is a good way to explore the city and one I will not seek to emulate as I only run when I have to! He has run about 60% of Glasgow’s streets, very good going. The three latest Streets of Glasgow walks bring me to 84, and 6000 would take the rest of my life to manage. I’m just walking after all.

Hopefully soon it will be possible to attend actual events in real life. I’ve listened to a couple of interesting ones in the last week, including a virtual tour of the disused Aldwych Underground station in London delivered by the London Transport Museum, and a discussion about underrepresentation of women and particularly women of colour in football. That one I particularly recommend. Holly Morgan of Leicester City was one of the panellists and her experiences in the women’s game are particularly insightful. That one’s on YouTube.

I’ve had a particularly good reading spell this weather. Over the weekend I read the excellent The Hibs Are Here by Iain Colquhoun, all about Hibs in the 1990s, Alex Miller, Leighton, Jackson, Pat McGinlay and the rest. I could remember some of the games and even if I didn’t, it was just a good read about an interesting time in the history of the club. I also finished Thin Places by Kerri ní Dochartaigh, a very different book, very human and as varied as the human condition can be, about trauma, identity and much else besides. Currently on the go is my continuing re-read of The Wild Places by Robert Macfarlane, presently on Rannoch Moor.

Glencoe, which is near Rannoch Moor: a mountain pass with hills at either side and low clouds above.​
Glencoe, which is near Rannoch Moor: a mountain pass with hills at either side and low clouds above.

I try very hard not to be political here and especially during an election campaign at a time when Scottish politics has been particularly toxic. The Proclaimers endorsed the Alba Party the other day. As ever, shouty folk on Twitter piled on people daring to express an opinion they disagreed with and it was a powerful reminder that it is actually honestly possible to disagree with people and not be a moron about it. More folk should try it.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today, Saturday 10th April 2021. Thanks for reading. One last post about a waterway should be here on Wednesday. Until then, tìoraidh an-drasta.

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