Saturday Saunter: Heat

Good Saturday to you,

Welcome to another Saturday Saunter, written in the midst of the heat on Wednesday night. Springwatch is on in the background. As this is posted, Glasgow will be in Level 2 measures for the first time ever and once more it will be possible to go beyond the city lines for near enough any reason. I’ll be doing just that and will be in the capital, which I am looking forward to immensely. Some people will be looking forward to being able to drink indoors and others will be happy to roam. I will be happy to see family again and to go a bit further once more. I was watching the First Minister’s statement on my lunch on Tuesday and I just loudly uttered a ‘Yas’ while munching on my sandwiches and trying not to scatter their contents. Thankfully by the weekend it is to be a bit cooler, which is welcome as I struggle with the heat and of course the east coast is that bit cooler and windier anyway.

It has indeed become cooler by Thursday night as I continue this. I read a really good article earlier which made the often overlooked point that many people struggle with the heat and I am one of them. It was particularly humid earlier as I walked home which made my commute worse than it had been last night when it was warmer and sunnier. I also have hay fever which makes this time of year particularly miserable. Combine this and it’s really, super fun. The newspapers have had their usual articles about our week of summer featuring prominent pictures of photogenic people having fun in sunny places though for us less young, less beautiful people it gets old quickly! I like sunshine but I’m not built to enjoy it for long.

Subway train: an orange and grey Glasgow Subway train sat at a platform.​
Subway train: an orange and grey Glasgow Subway train sat at a platform.

I was thinking there about a walk I took on a very hot Bank Holiday a couple of years ago around the route of the Glasgow Subway. The posts are still here on the blog somewhere through the Subway Surface page. The Subway, like the London Underground, has advertised itself over time as the coolest way to travel. I haven’t been on the Subway since last autumn though the next time I do I intend to be particularly vigilant between Govan and Partick as I read recently that the sound of the Subway changes slightly as it passes the site of the old Merkland Street station, which is quite near Partick.

Last weekend I managed to finally finish Cameroon with Egbert by Dervla Murphy, which I started before the first lockdown last year and which I bought in Leakey’s in Inverness about two years ago. The two books I’ve got on the go are very different: one is Threads of life by Clare Hunter, about the effect sewing has had on world history, and a football book which has a very interesting and worthy subject but isn’t really grabbing me to be honest. I wrote last week about the restorative power of books. Sometimes life’s too short and some books don’t work for one’s mood at the time. That’s okay. Whatever works.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today, Saturday 5th June 2021. Thanks for reading. Streets of Glasgow resumes on Wednesday and it’s not so far from Parnie Street. However you spend it, wherever you spend it, have a good weekend. Tìoraidh an-drasta.

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      1. They started to get new air-conditioned trains on the District Line probably six or seven years ago, and have gradually replaced all the old stock with them. Stupid boiling Central Line is still very much not air-conditioned though, even though it’s always been the hottest line of all.

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