Saturday Saunter: Reading and fire

Before I start, what a performance last night from Scotland. One to be proud of.

Good Saturday to you,

Welcome to another Saturday Saunter, this time being written on a sunny Sunday morning. On in the background is a Hidden London Hangout from the London Transport Museum about Swiss Cottage. The Saunter is back after a week’s hiatus. Sometimes it’s difficult to fit writing into the rest of my life and that occasionally synchronises with not having any ideas, which happens. Thankfully I have a few ideas in my inbox and of course I can talk about reading.

Hampden Park: rainy steps leading up to a football stadium. The sky is blue with dramatic white clouds.​
Hampden Park: rainy steps leading up to a football stadium. The sky is blue with dramatic white clouds.

Euro 2020 continues apace and I’ve managed to see a couple of matches. There are many things more important than football and humanity shone through last Saturday night. That Christian Eriksen has now left hospital is a testament to the excellent healthcare and support on hand. That is something to be truly thankful for. Glasgow plays host to four matches during the tournament, two of which will have taken place by the time this is posted, and there are posters, banners and signs everywhere in the city centre, with simple pictorial signs spotted on the way down to George Square yesterday, pointing the way to the stadium, station and Fanzone. I wonder what our opening flourish would have been, had the first game of the tournament taken place at Hampden. Nessun Dorma and a whirl of fireworks was Italy’s touch and it was beautiful. Caledonia, maybe.

My to-read pile has grown a wee bit this week, some in print and others digitally. Threads of life by Clare Hunter is my print book and, appropriately for this week, reading on my iPad is in the form of Get Your Head In The Game by Dominic Stevenson, all about football and mental health but delving into race, gender identity, women’s football and much else besides. I heard Dominic Stevenson speak on a virtual event from the National Football Museum earlier in the year and I thought he made a lot of sense. His book is excellent and deserves a much wider audience. At some point, I will delve into Nutmeg Issue 20 but that will probably come during lunch at some point.

Some of you will have seen the awful news about the fire at the Scottish Crannog Centre by Loch Tay. Thankfully no one was hurt and their museum collection remains intact though the crannog seems to have been devastated. I was able to go a couple of times and was impressed by the Centre’s way of making prehistory come to life in an engaging and inspiring way. I had just been talking about the Crannog Centre the other day and it had featured on Mach a seo on BBC Alba recently. The crannog is an awful loss for Scotland’s heritage scene.

This month, June, is also Pride Month. I always believe that when we do not know about something, we should find a way to change that. That’s particularly important in supporting our LGBTQIA+ friends. In that spirit, I came across an excellent guide to gender identity produced by NPR and an article from Gay Times about some of the various Pride flags and what they mean.

Anyway, that’s the Saturday Saunter for today, Saturday 19th June 2021. Thanks for reading. Streets of Glasgow will be back on Wednesday, of course. Until then, mar sin leibh.

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