Streets of Glasgow: Greendyke Street

Greendyke Street: a street sign on a dark red wall.​
Greendyke Street: a street sign on a dark red wall.
Greendyke Street - a building with elaborate roof features and gravestones in front.
Greendyke Street – a building with elaborate roof features and gravestones in front.

These walks often capture a moment in time. The first 70 took place before the pandemic, for instance. Of those, Cathedral Street has been drastically redeveloped since I wrote about it. Greendyke Street is right by Glasgow Green. At time of writing, the Green is playing host to a Fanzone for Euro 2020. The stewards and brightly coloured hoardings will soon go, fences and all sorts. I deliberately planned this walk early in the day to avoid crowds of folks going to drink and watch the football. By this point, Scotland was out of the tournament but a lone Saltire flew up a side street. A petition to reestablish public toilets was posted by the gates to the Green, right by an opportunistic flyer for a nearby pub. A real chicken and egg scenario there. The buildings on the corner with the Saltmarket had cool lintels at the top and soon I came to a fine old church building, now home to the Glasgow Association for Mental Health. Their acronym Gamh looked like garbh at a first glance, Gaelic for rough. The gravestones were suitably atmospheric and I liked looking at the building too, golden sandstone and nice even on a cloudy morning. I was near Mumford’s Gate into the Green and was reminded that a member of the perennial chart bothering and bland pish peddling outfit Mumford and Sons had left their band the other day. Beyond was a red-brick industrial building turned block of flats and then a bland white and grey glass sort of construction that I’m sure would give a good view. The curved windows would be a scunner to clean, though. Then came a wasteland of a Council depot though the lack of high walls gave a good vista over the city all the same. Whether the street would be as quiet later in the day or on a concert day, I somehow doubt it. A moment in time right enough.

Thanks for reading. This is the ninetieth Streets of Glasgow walk here on Walking Talking. Nearby streets featured here include London Road, St. Andrews Street, St. Andrew’s Square and Ross Street, which appears here next week.

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