Edinburgh, from the Castle Esplanade

Intercity is a series published on Walking Talking, inspired by the new Scotrail trains connecting Scotland’s seven cities.

The first part of this series featured a walk in each of Scotland’s seven cities, involving a street or series of streets that readily came to my mind when thinking of each city.

  1. Intercity: Glasgow (Broomielaw)
  2. Intercity: Stirling (walk to the castle)
  3. Intercity: Edinburgh (High Street)
  4. Intercity: Dundee (Tannadice Street/Sandeman Street)
  5. Intercity: Perth (walk by the Tay)
  6. Intercity: Inverness (walk by the River Ness)
  7. Intercity: Aberdeen (Union Street)

The second part of the series, which started in June 2019, featured walks in some of Scotland’s bigger towns and a second in some of the cities too. The selection of towns was inspired by some artwork in the foyer of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery with Paisley substituted for Kirkwall.

The third part of the series featured occasional walks in the spring and summer of 2021 in other cities and towns in Scotland.

1. St. Vincent Street, Edinburgh

2. Dublin Street, Edinburgh

3. Leith Street, Edinburgh

4. King’s Place/King James Place/Marshall Place, Perth