Loose Ends

Loose Ends started in April at Aberdour Castle in Fife (shown above). The series sees me finding connections between one historical place and another and going there. Aberdour was inspired by seeing a poster on a train. The popular telly programme Outlander features both Aberdour and Linlithgow Palace as a setting so I went to Linlithgow a few weeks later. Later that day I went to Stirling Castle because of a connection with Mary, Queen of Scots and her father, James V.

At the moment the series has featured twenty one places, mostly taking in southern Scotland so far. The original post, Castle connections, was just about castles though the series has so far included libraries, museums, big houses, abbeys, bridges and batteries. Hopefully some other places, like palaces, beam engines and Town Houses, will be included in time.

After the 21st post, Calton Hill, Loose Ends will be on hiatus. It may well return soon.

  1. Aberdour Castle
  2. Linlithgow Palace
  3. Stirling Castle
  4. Crookston Castle
  5. Lamer Island 
  6. Tranter’s Bridge
  7. Culross
  8. Glasgow Cathedral
  9. National Museum of Scotland
  10. Dunfermline
  11. Abbotsford
  12. Glasgow Women’s Library
  13. Bachelor’s Club
  14. Coldstream
  15. The Meadows
  16. Cathkin Park
  17. The Necropolis
  18. Ramshorn Cemetery
  19. Makar’s Court
  20. Wild West
  21. Calton Hill