Streets of Glasgow

Glasgow Cross

Streets of Glasgow is a psychogeographic project I have been working on. It involves walking from one end of a Glasgow street to another, paying particular attention to the architecture, sights, sounds, smells and other stuff that often passes us by in cities. Posts appear whenever I have managed to undertake such a walk.

So far, as of July 2018, I have undertaken thirty eight. So far, five have been south of the Clyde, four in the East End, four in the West End, two in the north of the city and the rest in the city centre. The longest was London Road, the shortest Nelson Mandela Place, possibly George Square. My favourite might be High Street purely because I got to rant about architecture.

At the end of each post should be a brief bit saying which number the post is in the series and suggesting nearby streets which have also featured. It’s partly a marketing thing but also to help readers who might want to read them in sequence or to read others.

Renfield Street